IMG_20150912_111055When it came to the new location of Mambo Italia in Garden city, Nish Shah pulled out all the stops when it came to design of the restaurant. The space had a different vibe that was definitely inviting.

The whole striking design of theIMG_20150912_104145 restaurant is  a game changer when it comes to creativity. The great combination of modern and eclectic theme falls perfectly together and the unique use of boats and wood in the design creates an artistic and relaxing space. Known to be a place of good Italian food and their amazing gilato ice cream, the restaurant has a great environment that goes well with the great food.IMG_20150912_104543

When you enter the space, the first thing that completely intrigues me is the light fixtures which are a combination of canoes (purchased from fishermen in Mombasa) and metal and the filament bulbs. the furniture is also another piece of art as it is  made from canoes and the tables are made from teak wood. The little details of imperfection from the chipped and dented parts makes it more interesting. I could not take my eyes off the communal table made from mango wood and with a simple herring bone design on the base of the table. There is also a long bench that is a cut out of a canoe that is placed next to the table.We are shown around the restaurant by Nish Shah who is the brains behind the great design of the space and also the manager of the restaurant. IMG_20150912_104648

wood was definitely a popular choice for the space.The reception table with a counter made from neem wood and the front clad with poles of mangrove wood. the frame less glass that surrounds the restaurants streams in natural light, creating a glow on the surface of the rich wood-like tiles that blend well with the furniture.

Dividing the open kitchen from the dinning area is a wall clad in a subtle cream Pantone of coast coral tiles. this adds a Swahili infusion to the space. On the same wall hangs photos  of fishermen in Watamu where the canoes were sourced from and children playing in the same canoes that inspired the design of the restaurant.

Outside the theme continues with the custom-made furniture. The bar area has a counter top made from mango wood and the front of the counter is clad in remnants  of a canoe. above the bar area are amazing light fixtures made from the edges of a canoe. The color schemes yellow and burned red provides visual relief for all the wood and makes the whole space come alive.IMG_20150912_110940 it is evident that Nish doesn’t leave any material wasted as he used wooden wood cutoffs to make pizza platters. Mambo Italia with its great ambiance is definitely a great place to sit and unwind.


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