IMG_20150811_094750The café- bar and cocktail franchise that was first founded in Hat field, Pretoria in South Africa has now spread their business into Nairobi. The white unfinished brick wall on the entrance of the café tells of what more to expect when you enter News café. At the entrance the D.C team is greeted by the polite hostess who shows us around. The collection of fine whisky displayed in niches with a white illuminated back drop captures my attention.IMG-20150818-WA0012 I am already taken by the whole space from the first look at how the whole design came together to form a unique modern piece of art. The theme of industrial design meets clean modern elegance falls together perfectly in the space. The bar area is clad with unfinished white bricks which complements the matt black granite top the white upholstered furniture creates a crisp clean flow in the space and blends well with the copper tables.. The niches with the blue pantone back drop where an array of fine whiskey and wines is displayed, adds an edgy fun feel to the space.

From the light fixtures that seem golden when lit, to the dark charcoal tiles and the heavy navy drapes and the white upholstered seats, the sleek pan-tones of black and copper give a modern touch to the space.. The dark tones are well broken and balanced by the burnt red bricks of the fire place and white matt finish on the walls.IMG_20150811_085633

I am captivated by the three clocks showing the different times in New york, London and Hong Kong that hang on a wooden backdrop that act as a piece of art. The seats in the lounge are upholstered with Maasai checkered fabric showing the Café’s embrace of the Kenyan heritage.


We are shown the exterior lounge where nature is introduced to the space by lush green grass cladded on the walls. The chanIMG_20150811_094512delier of different colored glass is my favorite piece in the whole space as it is a work of art on its own. The furniture is a great fit for the exterior ad blends well with the entire space. When it comes to News café it is all about giving the customer a different experience.



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