ground floor area Pictures by: Rehema Wangari.

Back yard shoes located in Hurlingham at the new Adlife mall, is a contemporary minimalist shoe store that is quite captivating. With a brief on space maximization and thorough research, the three months it took to design the whole space has definitely paid off.With the black and white pantone that gives the space an Alice in wonderland touch,this makes the products stand out and slowly draw you into the shop to see what more they have to offer.

white niches with hidden track lights
white niches with hidden track lights

Elegance comes to mind at the first sight of the six tire crystal chandelier that lights up the room. With the great help of In Design Interiors and the careful selection of the materials used to design the shop, it is evident of the slowly evolving trend of edgy retail spaces.

upper floor
upper floor

The view from the upper floor is more captivating as a whole other collection of shoes is displayed on glass shelves on the upper level. at the center of the space are black and white velvet seats lined with black piping where ladies can sit and ponder on which shoe shall grace their next collection. The black and white granito tiles with gold texture which were shipped in specilally from china create an interesting glistening visual texture on the floor. _MG_5785 A store that started from humble beginnings with a small space in hurlingham has slowly grown to serve a large clientel and has managed to open three other stores in Nairobi. This space is evidence of what up coming designers can do and the immense creativity that is present amongst the young minds in our country.


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